Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Mallick Ghat Flower Market

             A city with more than three hundred years of history is running with another 125 years old history. Those who live in Kolkata for long years or visit Kolkata for travel purpose, one place they must have seen, the Rabindra Setu (bridge). Is it sounded odd? In normal term it is called Hoogly Bridge or Howrah Bridge. Now you are comfortable enough with these normal terms I guess. Just below the Howrah Bridge on the banks of Hoogly River at Mallick Ghat a unique more than 125 years old flower market is held every morning. This is the largest wholesale flower market in eastern India. The Ghat was built by Ram Mohun Mallick (son of Nayan Chand) in the year 1855.

               The market starts around 4 am in the morning and flower sellers from all the adjacent areas of Kolkata come with different types of flowers.  The market is chaotic, filthy and overcrowded, but still a unique experience all together. This market becomes more lively and vibrant during festive and marriage seasons.

               Different types of flowers from marigold to lotus and from red rose to yellow roses are easily available here. If you do not need flowers and you are trying to find out garlands, do not go elsewhere, just come down here at early morning. You will get everything. You do not need to be a flower merchant. As an individual you can bargain and buy flowers at very cheap rate.  The sellers assures fresh quality of flowers and garlands in this historical market.  

               This century old market needs more care and attention from government and authority. Most of the sellers do not have a permanent shop inside the market. Everyday they have to set up make shift arrangement for their business. They face maximum difficulties during rainy season. Most of the areas inside the market are muddy and it becomes more difficult during rainy season to move around. Kolkata, once the capital of India itself is a living history and this market is one of the stones of this history. So, certainly it demands more attention from all of us.